IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing from Daro Exclusive

IT Outsourcing
it is the optimal solution for the control, repair and development of the organization's IT infrastructure.
Order IT Outsourcing services on an ongoing basis
To order a site
The Daro Exclusive company offers a service for website development, organization of website design, as well as ready-made landing pages and a business card website.
To order a site
Complex of services IT-outsourcing
Development of IT infrastructure - development of your business

Daro Exclusive offers IT outsourcing services, experienced company specialists provide a number of services to support and develop your IT infrastructure. At present, it is impossible to imagine an organization that does not use computers, office equipment, a number of applications that significantly increase business efficiency to manage and improve the company's activities. Offices and large enterprises are constantly in need of repair, commissioning, improvement or replacement of equipment. Keeping a staff of IT specialists is not always cost-effective, which is why there is an area of ​​IT outsourcing, thanks to this tool, you can reduce costs.

  • Full IT audit of the company
  • Computer service
  • External server maintenance
  • CIO (manager)
  • Remote system administrator
  • Programming and development for 1C
  • Outsourced accounting
  • Maintenance and updating of 1C
  • Solving cybersecurity problems
  • Security and backup
  • Corporate mail
  • Network setup and connection
  • Cloud services
  • PBX and telephony service
Installing and configuring OC
Mac, Windows, Linux
Service software
Drivers, utilities, activation
Office software
Browsers, email clients, CRM Hardware (diagnostics, cleaning, lubrication, upgrade, etc. prevention).
Antivirus software, domain entry, firewall settings.
Configuring switches
L2, L3, routers, gateways, firewalls and others.
Cable lines and ports
Marking and Continuity.
Corporate networks
Configuring the health of the entire chain of network devices in the corporate network
Network security
Ensuring the security and smooth operation of the network.
Installing and configuring server rooms
Windows, Linux
Installing firewalls and controlling user traffic
Report, port block, content restriction, traffic filtering.
Opening the floodgates
Distribution of Internet channels.
Cameras and telephony
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